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Kimpedro's PaperBag Graphix Plus!

     PaperBag Graphix was born during a very dark period of Kimpedro's life. His upcoming book,  "The 6th Hour - Kimpedro's Greatest Hits & Other Cocaine Related Stories" goes into depth about how Kimpedro fell victim to his cocaine addiction in 1987. Because of his behaviors, he no longer could afford art supplies. He would ask local merchants who knew him if he could have a few paper bags. Without question, they said to take as many as you need.  Kimpedro used the paper bags to document and illustrate his downward spiral. He didn't realize the impact of this creative episode on his life. It would not only provide an escape but create sustainability. Kimpedro was subsequently incarcerated due to his addiction, but resources in prison created a platform for him to exhibit his new mixed-media artwork.  Third Street Gallery showcased artwork from prisons across the state and Kimpedro's work was centerstage because he actually attended the exhibit while still incarcerated.  He exhibited 15 illustrations and 8 were from his PaperBag Graphix collection. He sold all but one from the collection. Upon his release, he continued to develop his new concept. One of his paper bag illustrations was recently published in "Philadelphia Jazz Stories" - Volume 1,  produced by The Philadelphia Jazz Project and art directed by Marvel Illustrator Eric Battle.  A children's book, "Battery Man", written by Victoria Huggins Peurifoy was also illustrated by Kimpedro in 2014 and the cover is done on paper bag stock. Two other original children's books have been laid out for his illustrations. He has also designed CD art for members of NGN as well as his own CD covers, also on paper bags.  PaperBag Graphix thrives!

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