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Kimpedro has been writing since the tender age of 10. Being shy, it was the easiest way for him to nonverbally communicate his thoughts, ideas, and sometimes his love.  He wrote poetry, prose, and short stories. He would write those stories and illustrate them for himself, but would eventually share them with family and friends. He was inspired to write even more when he saw the reactions to his compositions. As he matured, he read more and not only discovered multiple techniques and writing styles but also developed an extensive vocabulary.  He would progress to writing song lyrics as he also matured as a musician. He has finally written his first book! It's a memoir, that will be released in 2023.  The book is entitled, "GOD Is The Ultimate Time Keeper: This Drummer's Story".  From the aforementioned book, He extracted the "6th Hour" or 6th chapter which is a very dark contrasting episode of his life in contrast to the Kimpedro everyone currently knows. That "6th Hour" is co-titled, "Kimpedro's Greatest Hits & Other Cocaine Related Stories".  It has caught the attention of a couple of publishers and a screenwriter who suggested a screenplay. That notion inspired him to pen lyrics and co-write music with Marcell Bellinger for the project instead of licensing music for the production.  The musical component is titled "The Dope Suite". You will be able to read some of those and other writings here.  
Get your reading glasses, and a cool drink, prop up your pillow, or adjust your seat and hire a page-turner!
You will also be able to pre-order your books in the coming months!

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